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Top 10 Safari Tips

safari tips

1. Make sure you pack wisely!

Too many people going on safari often pack far too much and bring clothes, shoes and accessories that get lugged halfway around the world without ever being used. This becomes particularly problematic on the internal flights, as these have strict weight restrictions for luggage due to the smaller size of the planes.


2. Take advantage of your guide’s expertise!

During the booking process, make as much use as possible of your safari specialist’s knowledge of the areas, camps and lodges you are looking to visit, to ensure that you get the trip that is most suited to what you want to see and experience.


3. Don’t try to do too much in one safari

A lot of people want to cram as many wildlife areas as possible into one trip, but all this does is make a trip hectic, with lots of time spent flying or driving between one destination and the other. Rather, focus on one specific area, which ensures that you will have a well-balanced, enjoyable safari.


4. Keep an eye out for the smaller creatures!

Temper your expectations! Unlike what many wildlife documentaries pertain to show, you won’t see lions and elephants around every corner. As a result, it is important that you look at the bigger picture. It is often the smaller animals, birds and insects that bring vibrancy and colour into your bush experience.

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