Thornview Ranch

Horse Trails

We offer riding trails for most levels of ability

Thornview Ranch; operating in the malaria-free Northwest Province of South Africa, offers a number of diverse horse riding trails, multi-day bush safaris and related activities. We host guests with riding skills ranging from beginner with at least a basic level of riding ability thorough to experienced riders comfortable in the saddle and able to canter and gallop.

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All horse trails are led either by Johan Steyn, an experienced, competent and qualified guide with over 13 years guiding experience or a skilled assistant guide or both guides on some of the longer trails. Johan’s broad general knowledge, intimate understanding of the veld, the environment and African history combine to make your riding experience that much richer. He is assisted by a team without whom the trails would not run as smoothly: Christa van Wyngaardt (who runs the lodge and keeps all our guests well-fed and watered), Simon, Albert, Renney and Betty complete the team that handles the essential behind-the-scenes work to ensure everything runs smoothly.

All trails are run on guest demand and developed to be flexible in nature, thus we have no fixed departure dates nor minimum rider numbers. Most trails, however, accommodate a maximum of 4 to 6 riders in order to stimulate interaction while allowing us to devote our full attention to the needs of guests. Most trails can be modified to suit guests’ requirements and schedules.

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Please note that riders should have a basic level of riding ability. Only experienced and riding fit riders are accommodated on the 3-day trail and 5-day safari due to their demanding nature. All guests are required to sign an indemnity and rider profile prior to participating in any activity. Thornview Ranch strongly recommends the use of riding hats by all guests.

Should you wish to use your own horse on any trail or to spend some time riding him at Thornview, you (and your horse of course!) are very welcome. There are secure paddocks with good grazing and grooms available at no extra charge.