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We have often said that what distinguishes Camp Jabulani from other safari lodges is not the presence of the Big 5, nor the thousands of hectares of African wilderness that surround it in the Kapama Private Game Reserve. For us, what has and continues to make Camp Jabulani stand out is its compassion. You’ll find evidence of this compassion in their history – how they came to be – and in their conservation efforts to this day. You’ll discover it in the passion that owner, Lente Roode shares in her innkeeper video.

But, to make it all about you, the safarigoer, for a second, this compassion is evident in the camp’s care for their guests. It is vital to them that you have an indelible safari experience. To help this along, we gathered these top tips from Camp Jabulani Ranger, Ruan Reynek, a man who harboured a wealth of safari wisdom, a man who passed away too soon this month. In honour of Ruan, we bring you…


1. Look after yourself.

Wear sunblock and drink plenty of water. Do not underestimate the power of the African sun! You will not be able to enjoy your adventure if you’re suffering from sunstroke.

2. Bring along your binoculars.

Many of the interesting things on safari are not as obvious to the naked eye – such as colourful birds in their nests, or animals that are further away.

3. Make sure you wear the right clothing.

When participating on bush walks, consider wearing lightweight long pants so you are not exposed to ticks and sharp branches, and wear comfortable closed shoes. Dress in layers to ensure that you don’t get too hot or too cold, and always consider comfort first.

4. Pay attention.

Bring along a notebook if you are interested in learning about your surroundings. Rangers can teach you a lot of fascinating things about the animals, trees, birds, and even insects.

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10 top tips for taking kids on safari

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Bringing the children along on a Botswana safari can create some unforgettable family memories. However there are a few things you may wish to take into account before booking your safari.


1. Make sure that children are able take part in the game drive or any other activities you may have planned, some places have age restrictions.

Most lodges have strict minimum age requirements so check to make sure all of the lodges cater for your children. Also, if your children are under 12 years old you may be asked to upgrade to a private safari vehicle. This can work out to be extremely expensive.

2. Don’t be afraid to do a camping safari,

camping in the outdoors gives a better connection with the wilderness and wildlife than being cosseted in a large lodge. A private camping safari is best. The last thing you want is to be on a vehicle with a photography fanatic who insists on long stops which test your children’s patience.

3. Anticipate the African safari.

Anticipation is a massive part of the magic of safari, get your kids to watch some wildlife films like The Last Lions by Derek and Beverly Joubert. Family safaris are typically planned well in advance, there are plenty of opportunities to learn and get excited for this family adventure.

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